Donnerstag, 22. September 2011


Dieser Clip macht derbe Spaß!
Froston und GG Allin?! Ist nicht jeder von uns ein bißchen GG? Ich würd´s mir wünschen.. Nein, ich wünsch es mir!

"Well you want me to kiss your ass
Well bend over, buddy,
here comes my foot
I don't need your cry ass shit
Temper's rising, take a fit
Bite it you scum
Well you want me to contribute
All I got is blood for you
All you want is more and more
Gluttony, you pig you whore
Bite it you scum
One day when your end is near
I'll be laughing at your fear
When you're gone there'll be no one
Who'll be fucking up my fun - No one
Bite it you scum"

Dat sin Gedichte!

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